Improve Your Models Performance With Videos Of Collisions, Near Misses & Other Edge Cases

Access the largest crowd-sourced dataset of HD images and videos of streets and roads

Autonomous vehicle training requires the right visual data.

Nexar collects data from 130 Million Miles monthly, with a dataset of 3.2 trillion images. With the crisis of data scarcity, this is invaluable data for AV training. 

Nexar's dash cams:

  • “See” various scenarios from near-misses and low-impact collisions (fender bender) to high impact collisions (car crashes).  

  • Provide valuable visual data edge cases such as collisions, including positional information of drivers, hard brakes, lane drift etc.

  • Identify real-world changes that affect AVs, such as construction zones, road sign changes, road blockage, lanes and more. 

  • Includes diverse data across hours, days and months, weather conditions and seasons, geo-location and additional variables.

Nexar data comes at:

  • High resolution of 720p and above
  • High frame rate of 30 fps
  • GPS and IMU data

Improve your models performance' with Nexar's data set -
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